The Unceasing Prayer

Put God first unceasingly
Pray unceasingly
Trust in the Lord unceasingly
Love unceasingly
Praise God unceasingly
Repent unceasingly
Give thanks unceasingly
Worship God unceasingly
Seek truth unceasingly
Persevere in Christ unceasingly
Give glory to God unceasingly
God is good unceasingly

Be compassionate to others unceasingly

Practice virtue unceasingly
Have faith unceasingly
Be God’s witness unceasingly

Seek a closer relationship with God unceasingly

Forgive unceasingly
Honor God unceasingly
Be contrite unceasingly

Pray for divine intercession unceasingly

Defend morality unceasingly
Do God’s work unceasingly
Talk openly with God unceasingly
Be kind unceasingly
Glorify God unceasingly
Cherish life unceasingly
Embrace holiness unceasingly
Ask forgiveness unceasingly
Be grateful unceasingly
Pray for the suffering unceasingly
Pray for the dying unceasingly
Listen to God unceasingly
Fix your eyes on heaven unceasingly
Rely on Jesus unceasingly
Pray for mothers unceasingly
Pray for fathers unceasingly
Pray for children unceasingly

Proclaim God’s love for us unceasingly

Testify for Jesus unceasingly
Receive grace unceasingly
Be gracious unceasingly
Offer up unceasingly
God is with us unceasingly
Draw close to Jesus unceasingly
Say yes to God unceasingly
Ask for forgiveness unceasingly
Pray for the unborn unceasingly

Pray for expecting mothers unceasingly

Talk freely to God unceasingly
Turn to God unceasingly
Jesus is our hope unceasingly
Resist doing wrong unceasingly
Live faithfully unceasingly
Pray for an end to lust unceasingly
Be modest unceasingly

Pray for the home bound unceasingly

Live chastely unceasingly
Be merciful unceasingly

Pray for an end to wickedness unceasingly

Be open to God’s will unceasingly

Pray to overcome temptations unceasingly

Defend the helpless unceasingly
Pray for the oppressed unceasingly
Do good deeds unceasingly
Turn to the Eucharist unceasingly
Walk with Jesus unceasingly
Embrace humility unceasingly

Lead others to Christ unceasingly

Be humble unceasingly
Fear not unceasingly
God supports us unceasingly
Pray for God’s mercy unceasingly
Strive for unity with God unceasingly
Pray for those abused unceasingly
Pray for a clean heart unceasingly
Gos heals our wounds unceasingly
Stay on God’s path unceasingly
Give to others unceasingly
Pray for an end to greed unceasingly
Pray for peace unceasingly
God listens to us unceasingly

Jesus gives us strength to persevere unceasingly

Live justly unceasingly
Sing with joy unceasingly
Pray for courage unceasingly
Share your talents unceasingly
Share your time unceasingly
Share your gifts unceasingly
Follow Jesus unceasingly
Turn away from sin unceasingly
Pray for healing unceasingly
Pray for lukewarm souls unceasingly
Be selfless unceasingly
Be prepared unceasingly
Pray through life unceasingly
Ask for help from God unceasingly
Pray for the mourning unceasingly
Pray for the homeless unceasingly
Show love for God unceasingly
All glory be to God unceasingly
Let go and let God unceasingly

Take refuge in God’s mercy unceasingly

Pray for an envy to lust unceasingly
Assist the elderly unceasingly
Walk with God unceasingly
Pray together unceasingly
Pray for vocations unceasingly
Believe in God unceasingly
Reject evil unceasingly

Push away all that is sinful unceasingly

Give generously unceasingly
Pray for the poor unceasingly
Pray for the imprisoned unceasingly
Pray for those dying unceasingly
Love one another unceasingly
Defend life unceasingly

Pray for an end to immorality unceasingly

Rejoice in God’s goodness unceasingly
Serve others unceasingly
Care for others unceasingly
Live the truth unceasingly
Pray for one’s spouse unceasingly
Pray for the ill unceasingly
Prepare his Way unceasingly
Put pride aside unceasingly
Pray from your heart unceasingly
Reconcile with God unceasingly
Pray for wisdom unceasingly

Be fervent in God’s service unceasingly

Live justly unceasingly
Discern unceasingly
Pray for those widowed unceasingly
Be the Lord’s servant unceasingly
Be alert unceasingly
Be obedient to God unceasingly
Cease hostility unceasingly
Defend the weak unceasingly
Pray for our leaders unceasingly
God provides unceasingly
Pray to the Holy Spirit unceasingly
Serve God unceasingly
Pray for the sorrowful unceasingly
Be patient with others unceasingly
Humble yourself unceasingly
Call upon saints unceasingly
Pray for serenity unceasingly
Reject worldly pleaseure unceasingly
Pray for strength unceasingly
Remember God loves you unceasingly

Remember God believes in you unceasingly

Pray for our childrens’ chastity unceasingly

May God’s will be done unceasingly

Pray for the salvation of others unceasingly

Pray for an end to violence unceasingly

Give thanks for your blessings unceasingly

Pray for those struggling with addiction unceasingly

Pray for an end to abortion unceasingly

Pray for those with hardened hearts unceasingly

Open our hearts to God unceasingly

Pray for those less fortunate unceasingly

Pray for the poor souls in purgatory unceasingly

Unite our sufferings with Christ unceasingly

Immaculate heart of Mary pray for us unceasingly

Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on us unceasingly

Guardian angels watch over us unceasingly

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